Magicians, welcome! Here you can find links to apparatus and accessories from some of the best and most dedicated small shop magic manufacturers, magicians and other related crafts in the world. Please click on any of the banners below to get more information or to order. Thanks, tabman.

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Kozak The Magician Baker's Locking Card Box Rapping has taken on a whole new meaning This is a high quality set of professional props made in Dixie. Like the Energizer bunny the silks keep hopping
Utility lightbulb gimmick with a screw off base for loading cards and bills. Handmade prop from real light bulbs using methods learned directly from Scotty York. First discovered by Eric Lewis in Modus Operandi Check Out Chris Angel's Website if you haven't Already. Men scream and women faint. Tabman's Armsaw was in a recent story about Kozak The Magician in MAGIC Magazine. Jim and Shim court Maggie. One of them has a strong attraction.
Toastmaster The Amazed Wiz is Sanders The Magician Baker builds props for The Trickery and he can build props for you too. Read what Rick has to say about it. The Magic Company
Available again from the originator of the rosewood Lippendollar Box From Michael Baker's workshop in Birmingham A complete 15 minute routine using real casino chips - all the props are included - nothing else to buy Handcrafted knife through arm with Rosewood handle - Pete Biro says these are the best. Collectible and Performable
Bonded stack of $1000 for Ramsay's routine complete with all the necessarys! Inspired by Willard the Wizard's stick, these are gunstock grade walnut with polished brass shells for tips. They are stunning to look at. The Genii Forum From The Originator of Modern Clay Casino Chip Magic Uncle Bennie only wishes he had some glasses like these.
The Last Adventure of Diamond Jack From Dye Tubes to Duke's Dye Version Congrats. On Your Retirement Tabman Final Loads for Stacking Dice - and more! Bill Palmer ordered the first one so I named this type wand after him. I asked him how it felt to be immortalized in wood?
Lessons From the now defunct Cowling Institute of Finger Dexterity brought to you free of charge by Mr. Pickle's former student - Tabman The Magic Club that started it all. Michael Baker's Giant Watch. If you need a good closer for your act, this is it! Designed in honor of Edward Masssey's great 1950s era props Archives of MAGIC! the pre-internet magicians only forum through the generosity of Dave  David X Lichtman and
Michael Baker's expert sliding die box is all handmade. Michael's dice work is exceptional!!! What did they find out that night in the old school? New and Used books for magicians from The Las Vegas Chip Assembly with the $100 surprise ending - rated tops
First sold as a kit, this popular design is available once again from its originator. Michael Baker's Sausage Finger This DVD has the actual footage of Ted Annemann doing the bullet catch - scholars and collectors only please! Ideal portable dice stacking table top - black Formica with padded card surface on the other. TA Waters greatest creation
Largest independent magazine for magicians See Amazing J live in Las Vegas Featured at The Magic Castle Upstairs Bar with Jim Patton. Monkey Bars like they used to make em James Patton at The Magic Castle endorses these tables You know what this is and what it does.
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